Pediatrics at  Black Warrior Foot & Wound Center

Pediatrics at Black Warrior Foot & Wound Center

Good foot and ankle healthcare should begin early in life. The foot is the foundation that supports the body and is responsible for our daily mobility. Yet, it tends to be the body part most commonly overlooked for proper care. Dr. Arabi encourages parents to be observant of their child’s foot and ankle development, starting at birth.

Parents' Guide to healthy feet

Parents should remember these basics about children’s feet:

  • Shoes should be flexible and properly fitted.
  • Be aware of your child’s walking patterns, which may signal a concern.
  • Recurring foot pain is not normal and should not be ignored.
  • Children may suffer pain from flat feet and juvenile bunions along with other deformities.
  • Some foot deformities do not improve as the child grows.
Consult with Dr. Arabi to address these concerns. We provide treatment for foot deformities, all kinds of injuries, and common foot problems in children such as recurrent ingrown toenails, warts, athletic fungal foot infections, etc.